Thursday, November 1, 2012

Amelie Cinematography

From a director who created the murky, visionary film "Alien Resurrection,” "Amelie" might appear a little out of place. But once you get chance to see the film; that idea disappears quickly. Although we may not see scary slimy monsters in this film, the director still shows his love with bodily functions, close ups, and frenetic camerawork. In this blog post, I will discuss some of the elements of cinematography that I found interesting throughout the film.

If you have read my other blog on the mise-en-scene of Amelie, you may already have an idea of type of cinematography seen in this film. To begin, one of the most orginal scenes in the film is, well, at the beginning. Amelie's introduction into the picture isn't the normal introduction that usually accompanies the lead's entrance. The director chose to shows a time lapse photography that literally shows a pregnant belly going through the nine months of change, then the actual birth of Amelie. Not only is it a striking visual, but probably the best entrance by a character in some time. It is this attention grabbing scene that gives a hint to the personality of the film to the audience.

Additionally, original cinematography might have ruined this film and would have made imbalance between the style of the film and how the audience perceived it. Through the use of special effects and various camera tricks, the audience can have a better understanding and experience the world of Amelie. I love how the director chose to enhance the scenes with intricate camera placement and visual artifice, almost like he is showing the audience how Amelie sees the world.

In conclusion, without seeing the film, it is not that hard to picture the kind of film you might get into. I for one was not sure what to expect when I saw this film. But with proper cinematography and the amount of humor clashing with reality and make believe, I quickly fell in love.

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