Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sex Sells

Easiest way to money and followers on the internet is unfortunately sex.  I say unfortunate only because we, as mankind could strive for better things. However, there is no denying the fact that the reason why certain shows on HBO get so many viewers or why music videos gain so much popularity.   It is the same reason why the porn industry made over $1 billion dollars over the past year. Additionally, according to Nayar, Americans have spent $200 million on fee-based adult sites. So how does our society allow this product to sell so easily on the internet?
Internet laws towards sexual content can be very unclear. When investigating such sites, one cannot always determine between what is porn or something that is considered art. In terms of gender roles, the difference between porn and erotica can mean two completely different things. Erotica is basically the old ways of sexual explicit content. It has been used for many years as essentially an art style of sex and nudity. It’s much less cheap and degrading as porn, however some consider porn to be the new erotica.

The online game known as Second Life allows people to recreate themselves as “avatars.” Through this game, many people try out different life styles from their real life. Additionally, this game allows for players to pursue online relationships. As a result, these online relationships are escalated through cybersex.  In the game, players can change what clothes they are wearing or their physical features to increase the cybersex pleasure.  Because of these actions, cybersex viewed as a new culture of social interaction between anonymos people. 

This newly forming culture has even sparked the interest in feminists. Currently, among the feminist, there are two sides to the topic. One side feels that cybersex is liberating for women. This can relate to women who may feel that they are unattractive in real life and seek a way out. On the other hand, some feminist see cybersex as intimidation and exploitative. They believe that, even in the cyber world, that women are still victimized and disrespected.

The internet has given sex immense power. Billions of dollars are ranked it through sexual content on the internet.  Cybersex has become a new form of culture of social interaction between anonymous people.  Through cyberspace and cybersex, women men and women feel they are able to express themselves that they would not normally do in the real world. Ultimately, humanity will have to choose how they practice and view sex the further we advance our society.

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