Sunday, September 27, 2015

Customer-Focused Websites

In today's society, people have a YouTube attention span. This meaning, people are only focused on something for a few seconds, and if they do not become engaged, they lose interest. This article describes its strategies as if you are trying to sell the website versus being self absorbed.   
It's first strategy is to provide clear statements that are customer benefit oriented. Again, this means that it suggests less narcissism and more selling of the product in an easy worded way that the customer can understand. The second strategy states that it supports its claims. They suggest that the website showcase some third party support or customer support. this can be accomplished with live accounts on how the product has benefited others. Thirdly, the article suggests that website proactively address potential objections. What this essentially stating is that website should state what it promises to deliver. This could be anything  such as fast delivery for an example. Lastly is suggest to usher the visitor into a dialogue. For an example, to could be a free download or a free sample of their product.  
Customer-focused websites draw customers in because they aren't foreign to them. Websites that focus on the customer are more appealing and are easier to navigate.  People lives have become busier with very little time to waste. Sites, such as this, are becoming popular because they have evolved with peoples busy schedules. It has evolved to compliment man’s desire to quickly get in website, get what they need, and leave.  
In conclusion, websites like these can be effectively accomplished is to know your evolving digital world. Remember that people have full schedules and no longer have any extra time to spend searching through a convoluted website. Avoid focusing on ones self and focus on the customer. You can easily see as time goes on, technology will advance which will change the way we receive our information. 

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