Monday, September 17, 2012

In A Galaxy Far Far Away

 Out of all the film companies to choose from, I had to go with Lucasfilm because of my relation to the company. Lucasfilm has become one of the world's leading film and entertainment companies. Founded by George Lucas in 1971, the company was privately owned, and a fully operational entertainment company. In addition to motion picture and television production, the company's global businesses include visual effects, sound, video games, licensing and online activity. Lucasfilm has revolutionized the entertainment and media department through it's own growth and invoations in ILM, Lucas Arts and Lucas Film Animation.
In the year of 1975, In preparation for his next feature - a space opera called Star Wars - Lucas wanted his film to include visual effects that had never been seen on film before. Dykstra brought together a small team of college students, artists and engineers who became the Special Visual Effects department on Star Wars. When making The Empire Strikes Back, Later, George Lucas take that team and create ILM or Industrial Light & Magic. They have since gone on to produce special effects for many other films.
As of 2009, ILM has received 15 Best Visual Effects Oscars and 23 additional nominations. It has also received 24 Scientific and Technical Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. ILM is currently the largest visual effects vendor in the motion picture industry, with regards to workforce, with more than 500 artists. ILM revolutionized the motion capture business when they invented IMoCap (Image Based Motion Capture Technology), which is the most advanced technique of motion capture currently available.

Later, George Lucas would go on to create the department of LucasArts. Which was focused on bring ineractive intertainment to many audiences. LucasArts went on tp work with Apple to develop and launch Mac Magic, a cooperative learning program that is integrated into classrooms across the country, and which earns the "Daily Point of Light" Award from President George Bush. LucasArts is dedicated to delivering deeply immersive, visually spectacular and engaging experiences that inspire and amaze generations.

Continuing to move forward, George Lucas created Lucasfiln Animation just recently. To put his next vision in motion, he created the animation company to pioneer the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series. So far, the show has been the number one hit on the cartoon network channel, directing itself to wide variety of aduiences. I personally believe that more adults watch the show versus children. Regardless, the show is just first of many animation projects that the company has introduced and with the Disney occupation, we will expect to see many more projects to come.

As you can see, George Lucas's films have helped to define the modern entertainment and media landscape and his innovations have fundamentally changed the way movies are made. By continuing to grow in other areas of media, we will always be able to trace it back to Lucasfilm and how George Lucas Started it all. Lucasfilm is and will continue to be one of the world's leading film and entertainment companies for years to come.

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