Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Mise-en-scène of Blade Runner

During our last class, we all were mesmerized by the beauty of a film named Blade Runner. While watching the film, I could not help but pick out all of the elements that made up Mise-en-scene. Now Mise-en-scène is an expression used to describe the design aspects of a film production, which essentially means "telling a story” in a visually artful way through story-boarding, cinematography and stage design. In reference to film, mise-en-scène can be anything that appears before the camera   such as composition, sets, props, actors, costumes, and lighting.

The elements of mise-en-scene can easly picked out in Blade Runner. It essentially makes up the entirety of the film. For example: lighting, costuming, set design, different shot angles, and diegetic sound and nondiegitic sound. Mise-en-scene creates the world to which the audience has been transported to. Mis-en-scene is to make the world that the audience is seeing become real.

The wide shot street scenes that are overcrowded with extras which are incorporating the loud noise of people speaking and the rain creates the gloomy feeling you get when watching blade runner. The set design also adds to bringing the world of Blade Runner to life. Each set seems to connect with eachother, incorporating elements that Ridelly Scott thought would dominate in the future.

To give off that old detective style look in the film, the lighting and smoke really help create this feeling. For example, Tyrells office has that orange color that resembles the old detective films. The smoke used in the film also refers to the detective films where excessive smoking was abundant. According to another blog on mise-en-scene, he or she  reffered Tyrell's room resemble candle light and imposes a Frankenstein theme on Tyrell. 

There are many themes I found in Blade Runner I found worthy poiting out. For example corporations seem to be ruling over the city; people seem to be practicually on streets; and massive air ships probe into buildings. According to an interview with Ridely Scott about the film, he stated that; “Control over the environment is depicted as taking place on a vast scale, hand in hand with the absence of any natural life, with artificial animals substituting for their extinct predecessors.” This explains the dark feeling you get from the film. The sense that the world is merley an artificial version of its old self.

As a digital film and video major student, this film has inspired me through out my life. As films are continually produced, many lack the quality of mise-en-scene elements that tell the rest of the story. Ridley Scott's Blade Runner is a shining example of telling a story just through the visual elements of the film alone.

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