Monday, December 2, 2013

Fall of the Wall

Fall of the Wall was an event that was held in order to remember the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. This was such a historical event that I was not alive during since I was born at the end of 1990. It was a great opportunity to learn a little more about the history instead of just during a history lesson. The event seemed to be very well thought out and there was even a game relating to the wall and German food for us to enjoy. I thought this event would be fun to attend because of my German heritage and also the fact that I was not really all that acknowledgeable about what all the fall of the Berlin Wall entailed. Unfortunately, I was only able to make the tail end of the event due to a late night at work. However I was still able to enjoy the information I gathered while I was there.


                When I first walked into the event, I noticed they had set up a game. This was a small wall made up from blocks and the objective was to knock down all of the blocks in one try with a soccer ball. From what I gathered, those who succeeded were given a bag of candy that had facts attached to the pieces that related to the Berlin Wall as well as the year of 1989. I, however did not get the chance to play this creative game because by time I showed up everyone one was already in groups having great conversations over what they had just learned.

                Another great part about this event was the food.  I am half German so I love my families German food. Being from a family that has German heritage, I easily recognized some of the delicious food I was used to eating at my house. Things like Bratwurst and Liverwurst are some of the foods I enjoy most. Even though I have had these foods before, it was still fun to eat and enjoy food from a part of the world that is not commonly seen as it would be in Germany. The food was definitely a nice touch to sort of bring us closer in with the culture of the country.

Another piece of information that I gathered was that when the Berlin Wall was still standing, people were allowed to paint on it. At the event, I had noticed that they had set up a wall made of paper and allowed for everyone to draw whatever all over it. This was a fantastic idea to help send the the point home as to how it must have been with Berlin Wall.

Although I didn’t not get the chance to see this entire event from start to finish I enjoyed my time and the idea that the people had who put event together. I learned about all these historical events that happened several years and maybe even centuries before my time. It’s weird to think of how if I lived through that time, how would I have dealt with that whole problem. Furthermore, what events am I living through now that will change history that people will look back on and write blogs about.

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