Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The world is becoming one big melting pot. As everything, meaning "everything" dealing with our polictical ideas, religion ideas, the different ways of farming to running a press in the world, is coming together, from large groups to one, and to the positive ideas to the negative ideas. This is globalization. As we are becoming more of the future of modern techniques and of the new improved faster way, technology is becoming of the simple things we do. This is making the rate of globalization much faster from these improved ways. A major invention of technology is from the first invention of the airplane. For now we can travel the fastest way and meeting other people in the world sharing and learning each others techniques and ways of their culture, speeding up the process of globalization. Another major technology was the invention of the telephone. For now we can have cellphones, computers with internet which this allows people to interact live with each other learning from each other from around the world. The internet is such a variety of open things to learn from the news, videos, it replaces the encyclopedia, phone book, or any other book needed. You are now able to access so much by using the internet. As technology keeps improving, globalization is still working. As the years pass the world will come together pouring their ideas into one pot for us to live from.


I love the internet and how fast it is to look for anything you need. People are constantly on their phones searching for answers as what time is a movie or where is a address to go to. It's amazing how it keeps improving. But the best way to learn from another's culture is to travel to them. You actually live, learn and witness the way they do everything in life. I remember going to Cancun, Mexico for a family vacation and how much I changed myself during my week there. I was speaking more Spanish from listening to them, I was enjoying their foods learning how to eat it. Even their Wal-Mart sold their food different with open baskets of bread and the seafood laying on ice to help yourself to what you needed to buy. I was getting more involved in their culture even by wearing a few different clothing pieces to fit in like them. I enjoyed their way of having fun and seemed like a fiesta everyday with dancing, eating and drinking. One thing I was not comfortable with the party atmosphere is the amount of drinking, especially tequila. They kept wanting to give me shots or some form of it in a drink, which I was not even of age when we traveled there, but they thought I was a "big boy".


You don't have to travel far to learn things either. Just by traveling from the North to the South can be a culture shock. Traveling lets a person take these parts of their culture with you back to your own. Then the person has taken these ideologies and taught their culture, making things new and improved, which contributes to globalization.


Besides globalization, there is glocalization which is bringing in a global idea and then changing it to meet the local cultural standards. It is cultures bringing ideas and practices into a culture that is not their own. Just like Chinese restaurants you have everywhere and it is the Chinese people working there. They are sharing their culture with the Americans. I have also noticed you could go into a store like the Wal-Mart in Cancun, Mexico and find similar items we have here but it is different there in Cancun to fit the means for their culture. But it was great ideas they had selling it to their standards.


By changing the world from the people communicating and the ideas moving faster then ever, with new technology making this happen, globalization has become an amazing thing of today and will continue in the future for the new and improved ways which are changing from around the world.

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