Sunday, January 15, 2012

Media Literacy

Hello fellow viewers!
So today I want to to discuss media literacy and the meaning behind this form of literacy. What better way to explain media literacy than writing about it on a blog! If I asked you what literacy meant to you, you would probably respond by saying it is the process of reading and writing. But what if I asked what media literacy meant? Well it simply means and expansion from what we already know to understand, access, analyze, evaluate, and communicate with the new technology today.
The media has a major influence over everyone in today’s society. Thus it is vitally important that media literacy is taught to students in schools. Media literacy involves the interpretation of many verbal and visual images that we take in daily from television, newspapers, computers, magazines and varies other forms of media and advertising. As we progress into the future more and more forms of literacy will evolve but they will always revolve around writing and reading.

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