Sunday, January 29, 2012

Who We Really Are

This is what people think of when they hear the word "nerd." Granted, this is a nerd but not all nerds look like this. A nerd is someone who focuses on their studies, watches scifi films, plays video game, and reads comic books. But you might say "hey i do that too, but i'm not a nerd." That's because to a full blown nerd, you need to be obsessive and stand behind your comic books and scifi films. So learning the Klingon language or knowing all the ships in Star Wars is what qualifies you as a full blown nerd. But this still does not answer our clothing style. For the most part, those of who wear glasses is because we actually do need them. Why is glasses associated with being a nerd? Well believe it or not, people with glasses were and still get picked on and bullied through school. This lead us to find comfort in other things, like or studies and comic books.

This is the wannabe nerd. It is this crazy new fashion that is based on what us nerds look like and wear all the time. The same reasons we were made fun all our lives is now becoming the new look for people. Some of these wannabe nerds are also the very same bullies who treated you like dirt through school. Not mention, most of these wannabe nerd do not know a thing about most of the nerdy things out there. Now I'm not here to judge everybody I see wearing glasses as either a wannabe nerd or just a nerd. This is just something I feel strongly about.

This is the classical redneck. To be honest, these are the kind of guys who would make fun of me when I was in grade school. This is largely due their lack of knowledge and their passion for comic books or other scifi films I was into. Rednecks are depicted like this because of the majority having a strong conservative values and fear change. Because of this, they are ignorant to new ideas and technology or anything that is not familiar to them personally.  

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