Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Digital World

There comes a time in every nerd's life when they make their pilgrimage to their Mecca known as ComicCon. ComicCon is a place where comic book fans, tv show/movie goers, and gamers go to enjoy all the new upcoming developments. Meeting favorite celebrities and getting sneak peaks to new games and movies coming out are always too be looked forward to. There are many panels that go on during the convention that relate to the genres given. Among them, there are panels dedicated to new technology being developed that will send our culture further into a more digital age.

Lets not forget of the robot wars that takes place at each of the cons. To show man's prowess in technology, we built machines from scratch and compete them with other machines. In this day and age, man have become so tech savvy that our form of entertainment is building and fighting robots. 

  The future of our digital landscape may some day look a lot like the movie "Real Steel" where robots have replaced organic human beings. Just imagine of all the new and exciting ideas that could come from these new developments. Boxers would not have to take the hits themselves but rather control the moves through a gaming controller. This really is not too far fetched considering the way our generations are going, they will be more use to gaming than actually physically fighting. Regardless of what the future brings, we can all safely assume that technology will be apart of our daily lives.

As a side note, I am planning on going to the ComicCon in San Diego this July and I am thoroughly excited!!! From the picture, you can see me in the dirty stormtrooper armor in which I troop in at different conventions. Showing off my artwork of prop building, is a large part of why I attend conventions.

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  1. You know I always think its good to see other people with their nerd flags raised high. hope to go to SDCC one day.