Sunday, February 19, 2012

Heart of an Empire

What draws me to this video? This video almost directly shows of what I am all about. Ever since I was a kid, I have been a Star Wars fan. The films inspired me in my career focus and also take up prop building. Growing up, I had this obsession to try to recreate the things I saw in movies. I wanted to take something that did not exist and make it real. This video shows that I am not alone in the world with this obsession. These men and women have such a love for Star Wars that they made the film come to life.

What touches me most about the video? The thing that touches me most about the film; is that we do not only just walk around in movie replicas, but we our love and skills for a bigger purpose. We dress like characters from Star Wars to ignite the imagination children like how we were when we were kids. This group also goes to hospitals to bring joy to the kids who are suffering. Nothing resembles the feeling I get when we make these kids smile and light up like the fourth of July.

What makes it real? This is real to me because when I walk into a room with anyone from kid to adult, they see a stormtrooper! The kids come up to me and ask questions as if Star Wars was in the history books.

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