Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time Warner Exposed

America Online and Time Warner merged in 2001 to create one of the largest media companies in the world. The new colossus owns dozens of subsidiaries, including online services, print and broadcast news organizations, cable television companies, movie studios, music companies and publishing houses. Time Warner also owns the Atlanta Braves baseball team, as well as basketball and hockey teams. With so many business interests, the company lobbies on a number of different issues, but right now its biggest concern is over the rules governing television ownership and net neutrality issues. The company wants the government to relax the rules prohibiting cable television stations from also owning broadcast stations in the same market. Time Warner and AOL split in 2009.

Time Warner's news broadcasts more on celeberties than actual important issues occuring in the world.Some people are under the impressuin Time Warner money mongers with CNN who are protecting the globalists and serpressing the truth about 911, and the wars. This satement may be a little far fetched, but there is a large censorship movement comig to media corporations across America. The restructuring of media in the United States is creating forms of censorship that are as potentially damaging as overt censorship. Values such as freedom of information and belief in the responsibility of keeping the public informed are adjusted to reflect policies created by bottom-line oriented CEOs.

  • Negativity for Time Warner comes from viewers not recieving all the information they really need or want in the News. 
 Keeping democracy safe in America requires an informed electorate and a strong watchdog press. But major media today are tending to favor news stories on sex scandals, celebrity events, and crime, leaving less or little room for analytical news on important social issues.

  • Do the media elite directly censor the news? To some degree, yes. Although the people deserve the truth, some news pieces should not be broadcasted.
 In recent years, growth in the media industry has come increasingly from international and U.S.-based multicultural markets. Audiences are becoming more diverse, both in ethnicity and nationality, and are expecting greater diversity in content. Time Warner is therefore striving to become more diverse as a company. With shows like House of pain and Big Bang Theroy, Time Warner allows for a variety of audiences.

  • What good comes out of Time Warner? Time Warner creates and distributes content that informs, entertains, and inspires people of all ages, around the world. 





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  1. Personally I think that there should be no censorship. Not in books, or music, and especially news. We are a free country (and we are big boys and girls now) and we should be able to know everything. Either that or the government needs to get better at hiding things from us. They were really good at that back in vietnam. Either hide you stuff better or let the blood hound of the press hunt you down. Don't censor it afterwards.